Designing a Fairy-friendly Garden

It is important for everyone to have magic, and since we get magic from the Wee Folk and spirits, we should try to make our land “Fairy-friendly.”

“The Enchanted Garden” by J. W. Waterhouse, 1917. Public domain.

Not all land can be made Fairy-friendly. Fairies refuse to go to places that are over-developed. They will usually not live close to apartment buildings, nor will they live in housing developments, unless there is an area they find comfortable, which few such places provide. They despise anything that is pre-fabricated. However, you can attract Fairies to your garden if you live in an old enough house, one where the land has not been ravished too recently. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are building your Fairy garden:

  • It is best not to have a domestic grass lawn. The grass sod and seeds are generally from engineered seeds and the chemicals that people use to fertilize and treat lawns are toxic. Also, Fairies will not go where there are lawnmowers.
  • Fairies love wildflowers, herbs, trees, shrubs, and certain types of ornamental grasses. They also love moss and lichens. With care and a little imagination, it is possible to have a garden/yard that does not need to be mown.
  • Fairies live in the bases of trees, in certain types of mushrooms, and in stone walls. They also like hilly inclines. A hand-made stone wall will attract Fairies, though it may take some time after the wall has been built, since they prefer older structures. A good trick is to put “hens and chicks,” mosses, or herbs in the gaps between the stones. It makes the wall stronger and the Fairies prefer to have the plants there.
  • Do not have pre-fabricated yard ornaments.
  • Do not have a deck made of pressure-treated wood, or treated with polyurethane. Do not use bricks or concrete for your deck. It is best to use flag-stone, though some types of tiles are acceptable.

If you would like advice about your yard, we offer a “Fairy-friendly Garden” service. For a fee, send us a few photographs of your yard, and we can give you some tips. (You can request the service below. If we think it is not possible for your yard to become “fairy friendly” we will not charge you.)

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