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Elf Playing Bagpipes, John D. Batten, 1894. Public domain.

Elf Playing Bagpipes, John D. Batten, 1894. Public domain.

Welcome. Our purposes are to increase understanding and appreciation for Wee Folk of all types, and to promote their interests. It is our firm belief that a human society can only be healthy if the Wee Folk who live with it are comfortable and happy.

Above, there are links to descriptions of types of Wee Folk. On the right, you will see a list of articles relative to some aspect of the lives of Wee Folk. Alternatively, you can scroll through the entries below. The most popular seems to be The Pot of Gold – A Leprechaun’s Myth, though it is not really the one I like best. Also very popular are Conflict Resolution Processions of Fairies, Languages of Wee Folk, and Cathartic Poetry of Wee Folk. I would recommend Wee Folk as Healers and The Fairies’ History of Counterpoint and Harmony as personal favorites.

We hope you find this site helpful and enjoyable.

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Visit Our Sister Website – Metamorphorica

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Our long-awaited sister website is waiting for your visit. It is Metamorphorica.com, and it has an eclectic collection of Stories of transformation and healing, and life and death: myths, faery tales, and short stories. We cannot describe the indescribable. So … Continue reading

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Notes from the ASPCWF is Now Available in Print

Notes from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Wee Folk is a collection of posts from this website that you can now get in print for shipping to points in the United States. The print edition is available from Barnes & Noble HERE. The book is available in softbound and hardbound editions.

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Musical instruments of Wee Folk

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Some people have asked what sorts of musical instruments Wee Folk use. The many tribes of Wee Folk and their almost uncountable traditions make this difficult to answer fully, but there are generalities that can be seen. First off, we … Continue reading

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How to get along with the local Wee Folk

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Please note that this posting is under development: S came back from Scotland for a visit, and we talked about the previous post (Fairies have moved in! Any Advice?). She had her own ideas about what to do, and I think … Continue reading

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Fairies have moved in! Any Advice?

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A comment came in recently on the post, Processions of Pixies, Huldufólk, Fairies, and Elves, and I think it might be useful for some readers. I will identify the person making the comment as Jay. The message was this: Who … Continue reading

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Container Gardens for Wee Folk

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Not long ago, a young woman in a local shop asked me where she could go to find Wee Folk. As I started to reply, I looked over to the window. There, in a raised area for goods displays, stood … Continue reading

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The Gnome Garden

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Many people want to know about Fairy-friendly gardens. They understand such gardens can make important contributions to the happiness of both human beings and Fairies. Those interested in creating one might look at one of our postings, Designing a Fairy-friendly … Continue reading

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